James Gordaneer

1969, gouache on paper, 18" x 24"

James Gordaneer (1933-2016)

As an expressionist painter, teacher, and avid follower of the Abstract Expressionism of de Kooning and Gorky, among others, James Gordaneer has exerted considerable influence on the Canadian cultural landscape.  Visiting museums in Europe also contributed to Gordaneer’s maturation as an artist.  Here in Canada Gordaneer found many other sources of inspiration, including Jack Wise for calligraphic line, Joseph Kyle for hard-edge colour-field, and Raymond C. Lorens for topological theory (which Gordaneer adopted in his 1990s work).  Despite this wide variety of artistic models, Gordaneer has established himself as a unique practitioner with a distinct subjective point of view.  He has been called a post-modernist at heart – like Alex Colville, Paterson Ewen, and Ivan Eyre – but has learned over time to populate his paintings of people and ordinary objects with a rich collection of allusions and lyrical elements.   

1960, gouache on paper, 16" x 22"

1091 Bathurst Street Toronto

Canada  M5R 3G8